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Cooling neckties, wet wraps, cooling scarfs. These are made from 100% cotton (pre-washed), are a generous 8cm wide and have water absorbing crystals inside. Soak them in chilled water, pat dry the outer fabric and wear around your neck or as a headband. Reduces core temperature in minutes. Ideal for people working outdoors or in hot environments, summer sports / recreation or for people who struggle in the heat due to medical conditions like MS. I have some available in fashionable prints and plain colours and will add photos to the album as I go. Please visit Dys Sewing and Craft Room on Facebook. Just $13.50 each. Free post. payment via Paypal. If you like further information, please email aj_dy@bigpond.net.au

the Lowdown on Transport under the NDIS

Confused about the topic of transport in NDIS? Endeavor Foundation has written an article to provide some basic information about the subject of Transport within the NDIS. please read the Low Down...

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